Round Bamboo Pan & Dish Brush
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Round Bamboo Pan & Dish Brush

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Did you know bamboo grows faster than trees, uses less water, produces up to 35 times more oxygen and doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides?

This Bamboo Pan Brush works effectively on dishes, specifically pans and bowls to remove stubborn food that sits in the curve of the dish. They are also awesome at cleaning the sink, toilet and anything with rounded sides! It was created using bamboo for the handle and coconut and coconut fibres for the bristles. *How awesome is that!

Did we mention they look super stylish in your kitchen?!

Benefits & uses:

  • Untreated, toxin free & plastic free
  • Made from plant materials
  • Rounded bristles for effective scrubbing on curved dishes & surfaces
  • Naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial
  • Compostable at end of life span
Brush Type  Perfect For Hardness of Bristles
Round Pan & Dish Brush Dishes with round edges (Bowls, Pans, Pots etc.), Toilets  Medium


Care instructions:

After use, allow the brushes to dry properly by hanging them up or standing them on their bristles so the water can flow from moisture-sensitive areas. Soaking in water for prolonged periods of time is not advised.

Designed and Owned, with, in Australia. Made responsibly in China.

Adapted from Go For Zero