Snow Fairy
Snow Fairy
Snow Fairy
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Snow Fairy

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I am the Snow Fairy. I welcome the changing of the seasons and love how our wings sparkle in the cold misty air of winter. We love to sprinkle our magic snow over the lands, bringing magic to the grey days of winter. 

This is the perfect to create snowy play scenes at home for your small fairy and animal friends. 

Pour over small amounts of water and watch it bloom, or for an instant snow explosion add a whole cup of water to the bottle of snow. 

One bottle will make approximately 3 cups of instant snow. 


*Bottles are 30ml PET plastic with a bamboo cap. Please reuse me!*

 *Contains Non-Toxic ingredients and Bio-Glitter* Age 3+ *Do Not Consume*


Ingredients: Eco glitter and Non-toxic absorbent polymer

photos & description adapted from The Little Potion Co