Activated Charcoal Water Filter
Activated Charcoal Water Filter
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Activated Charcoal Water Filter

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Did you know Charcoal is a great natural (and plastic-free) water filter too?! 

Introducing the new Activated Charcoal Filter Stick that will help remove nasties and bad odours from our water without stripping salts and important minerals so you can leave behind the ‘bad stuff’ without missing out on the good! *high five*

Designed to purify your water 3 times with every use, charcoal works to mechanically remove contaminants like dirt and debris, filter out chemicals, odours, and nasties from the pipes, and remove limescale with ease. 

But that’s not all! This magic stick also absorbs humidity and odour around the house, so you can place it in your wardrobe, fridge, or even use it to freshen up a pair of smelly shoes!

How to use: 

Just fill up your drink bottle or water jug and drop in your charcoal water filter stick. Allow the stick to sit for 1 hour to work its magic and enjoy the delicious taste and purity of your tap water! It will make your water taste & smell great!

How long they last

When used in approx. 1L of water daily, your stick will last 3 months. However, you can 'recharge' the filtering power by boiling the charcoal stick for 10 minutes to clean away debris. You can then put it to work for another 3 months! So this little legend purifies your water naturally for 6 months. Woohoo!

When you’ve arrived at the end of its life, pop it into your compost bin or spread it over your plant soil for an amazing nutritional boost for your plant babies and zero waste disposal! 

Naturally good for you & the planet:

  • Replaces your plastic water filters with ease!
  • Mechanical & Carbon filter that works to remove debris and filter out chemical contaminants that other filters leave behind!
  • Removal of limescale to prevent a build-up of residue
  • Banishes the ‘bad stuff’ while maintaining the healthy balance of your water
  • Compostable 
  • at end of life (or break it up and spread over your garden/plant soil)
  • Owned with ♡ in Australia. Made responsibly in Taiwan

    Photos & Product Description adapted from Go For Zero Au