Autumn Meadows Botanical Reed Diffusers
Autumn Meadows Botanical Reed Diffusers
Autumn Meadows Botanical Reed Diffusers
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Autumn Meadows Botanical Reed Diffusers

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A Lovely reminder of just how beautiful Autumn can be,

It's no secret Autumn is my absolute favorite season of the year so when I decided to produce a one-time only Reed diffuser it had to be created inspired by Autumn. 

Capturing the Smokey, crisp tones of a cozy Autumn morning & the collection of flowers that continue to bloom through this gorgeous season was key to my design of this limited edition diffuser. 

Infused with Autumn reds & yellows in the form of dried botanicals. Made using Therapeutic Grade Essential oils sourced from plant to bottle there will be no compromise on air quality & lots of aromatherapy benefits when diffusing this gorgeous blend.

Ingredients: VOC & CARB Compliant Reed Diffuser Base, Dried Botanicals & Therapeutic Grade Essential oils Lemon, Palmarosa, Neroli, Nutmeg, Cassia & Cinnamon Bark. Comes in a 200ml Boston Glass bottle.

Please note:  While this reed diffuser has been created to meet expectations of use you may experience a more softer scent throw over a period of time compared to chemically manufactured Diffuser Blends. We encourage you to flip the reeds every 2-4 weeks to revitalize the scent. Reed Diffuser expected to last up to 3 months 

Product is Alcohol & Fragrance oil Free