Reusable Food Wraps
Reusable Food Wraps
Reusable Food Wraps
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Reusable Food Wraps

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Available in a Eco friendly option, Plant Wax. Keep food fresh and stored naturally in wax wraps that are 100% compostable and Eco-friendly. Each Set contains 3 x wraps in assorted designs. Each set contains:

  • 1 x small wrap (20cm x 20cm)
  • 1 x medium wrap (30cm x 30cm)
  • 1 x large wrap (40cm x 40cm)

Plant Wax Wraps

 A sustainable alternative to single use plastic cling wrap. These reusable plant wax food wraps have an expected shelf life of 12-16 months. Plant wax is a natural preservative, so they are great to store foods such as cheese, fruit, vegetables and bread. 

Why Shouldn't we use Cling wrap?

Plastic wrap is made from potentially harmful chemicals including polyethylene and polyvinylidene chloride, and they also typically have toxic additives. There has not been sufficient research on the long term effects of these chemicals affecting our health.

Thin, flimsy, plastic wrap is also difficult to recycle; without specialised equipment it can clog machines. And even when plastic wrap is recycled, it's costlier than making new plastic wrap using virgin materials. When it ends up in landfills or incinerators, both PVC and PVDC can release a highly toxic chemical called dioxin, says the World Health Organization.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Wash your reusable food wraps in COLD water with mild soap. Use a very soft sponge or cloth to wash away any leftover food residue.
  • Do not use a scourer or anything abrasive on the beeswax wraps as it could scratch the wax off.
  • Do not use your beeswax wraps with excessively wet items, raw meat or fish
  • Do not use the beeswax wraps on hot food, in the microwave or oven.


  • Can I store cooked meat in the food wraps?

It is definitely not recommended to store any meat or fish, whether raw or cooked in the wraps. This is mostly due to the chance of a cross contamination and nasty bacteria that might build up and hang around. 

  • How to make your Beeswax wrap sticky again?

As these reusable food wraps are biodegradable, they are not designed to last forever. We usually get a shelf life of up to 2 years from the food wraps with regular use. Eventually they will start to lose wax in some parts of the wrap and it won't stick together as easily. BUT that does not mean that it is the end of the wrap's life! Before you give up on your beeswax wrap, try heating up the wrap a tiny bit in the oven on very low heat for only a couple of minutes. This will start to melt the wax on the food wrap so it can easily move around. Using a rubber glove (or your hand if it is not too hot), scrunch the warm wrap into a ball to help spread the remaining wax around so the stickiness is more evenly dispersed. Some hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush should get the wax residue off your hand/glove.

Packaging is made from 100% recycled kraft paper and biodegradable cellulose.

Photos & Description kindly adapted from My Humble Earth