Period & Incontinence Underwear
Period & Incontinence Underwear
Period & Incontinence Underwear
Period & Incontinence Underwear
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Period & Incontinence Underwear

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Available in 2 different styles & a range of sizes. Made using only the best technology, unlike many other brands we only use high-quality natural fibres to construct our Period undies. No nasties used in the manufacturing process! Naturally coloured using plant based dyes. Investing in quality Period Underwear is better for the planet and better for YOU. Due to the high absorbency of the four micro layers, our Period Underwear can easily be worn from day to night…whilst looking and feeling just like regular comfy underwear!

Choose one size up of the bikini fit for extra comfort if you are like most people and get that period bloat at your time of the month.

The Four Layers of Protection

  1. Soft bamboo inner layer that is antibacterial, breathable and moisture wicking
  2. Super absorbent second layer, for instant absorption without stickiness
  3. Breathable PUL third layer, that is waterproof and breathable
  4. Leak resistant outer layer so you remain dry and odour free


  • How many hours can I wear my Period Underwear for?

Well that depends on how heavy your period is. The Period Panties hold up to 4 tampons worth, which is equivalent to 1 day with a medium to heavy period. If you generally use more than 4 tampons during the day, make sure you keep a spare pair of Period Undies in your bag just in case.

  • Does Period Underwear stain?

To decrease the chance of your Period Underwear staining, make sure you rinse or soak them within 24 hours after wearing them. If you are not doing washing for a couple of days, leave them soaking in a bucket of water with a little bit of laundry detergent.

  • How many pairs of Period Underwear do I need?

That depends on how long your period lasts, and how heavy it is. We recommend changing your Period Underwear each day and night. So if your period usually lasts 4 days, we would recommend 8 pairs of Period Underwear. When your period is light you could easily get away with wearing them for up to 24 hours.

  • Can I wear Period Underwear with other menstrual products?

Yes you certainly can. For those with heavier periods, we recommend pairing your Period Undies with a Reusable Menstrual Cup for that extra protection. 

They can also be worn with tampons and pads, but in all honestly they don’t need to be. They have 4 layers of protection so you should be more than fine to just wear your Period Underwear by themselves.

  • Can I wear Period Underwear Swimming?

Unfortunately you cannot wear your Period Underwear swimming. Those 4 layers holding it all in will definitely leak out into the pool. We recommend using a Reusable Menstrual Cup when you go swimming, as you will be fully protected from leaks.

Photos & Description kindly adapted from My Humble Earth