Potion Pouches
Potion Pouches
Potion Pouches
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Potion Pouches

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These little potions pouches offer magical ingredients for crafting potions, with nature-based ingredients and a mindfulness approach. The potion kits & pouches create positive magical experiences and promote imaginative play, setting little potion makers on a path of natural discovery.

EACH POTION POUCH - comes with:

4 sparkly dry Ingredients in Biodegradable Cellophane bags

1 Potion Card - on one side is a magical spell/instructions and an affirmation on the reverse side.

1 Linen cloth bag to hold your most precious and treasured jewels 

Themes available: 

Heart of an Adventurer - Brave Potion Pouch

A Potion to conquer nerves when starting a new adventure

As with changes of the season, there will always be changes in your life. Going on holidays, starting school or a new school, moving house or starting in a new sporting team. You may be scared but it can also be an exciting time. Use this potion in times you are feeling a little nervous and need some superpowers to enter the world of unknown. 

My Heart Blooms - Self Love Potion Pouch

A Potion for self love and to give love to others.

Sunflowers are a symbol of love, light and positivity. Like a sunflower blooms from a tiny seed, so can your heart grow in love for yourself. This potion will help you to harness the glowing power of the sun and the sunflower, helping to strengthen the love you have for yourself and for your loved ones.

Wings of a Dragonfly - Remembrance Potion Pouch

A potion to remember a loved one.

Legend has it that dragonfly’s were given an extra set of wings so that angels can ride on their backs. Use the ingredients in this pouch, calling upon the magic of the dragonfly, to connect to and remember a loved one that you are missing.

Use the power of potion making to reminisce and open up communication through a loving and nurturing experience for you and your little ones. Use on anniversaries and to mark special occasions with this special ritual.


IMPORTANT: We encourage adult supervision while playing with this kit, helping children to find the answers they are seeking. These kits are recommended for ages 3+, with the younger ones requiring adult help with reading and understanding. This kit contains small parts which may be a choking hazard for kids under the age of 3. Please take care around small children. 

All ingredients are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, though we don't recommend eating any of them. Our potions are not for consumption. 

Avoid contact with eyes. May irritate small cuts or scratches on skin. If contact occurs, immediately rinse with cool running water.

Ingredients: Salt, citric acid, bicarb, essential oils, mica, bio glitter, coconut, dried flowers, lavender, dried herbs, food dyes, clay, rice

Description & photos supplied by The Little Potion Co