Beadie Buddies
Beadie Buddies
Beadie Buddies
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Beadie Buddies

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Designed and made by Beadie Bug Play in Adelaide, South Australia. These 2.5d characters are the perfect size for little one's hands & to add to your small world play set ups. Shaped on one side with lasered fine details and flat on the other. All Beadie Buddies are made from sustainably sourced premium pine. All hand-finished and sealed with beeswax wood balm. 

We stock the following buddies:

Sven Seahorse - Sven inhabits tropical and temperate coastal waters and enjoys a good courtship dance with his lady love.  He also takes on pregnancy and birth; releasing up to 2000 fry at a time.  What a guy. 

Tallulah Turtle -  Tallulah has just excavated a giant pit with her own flippers... and laid 100 eggs in it.  Tallulah is a productive lady. 

Recommended age 3+. Use under adult supervision. Not recommended for use as a teething or chew toy.  Please handle gently.  Only for use in dry sensory bases.  Clean off using a dry toothbrush, clean cloth and re-wax every 6-12 months.

Description adapted from Beadie Bug Play

Images:  Stolen Moments Photography and Beadie Bug Play