Car Diffuser Refills 10ml
Car Diffuser Refills 10ml
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Car Diffuser Refills 10ml

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Stay stocked up in your favourite scents. Made to Refill our Bestseller Car Diffusers so you don't have to keep replacing the whole diffuser. 

Easy to use, with the simplistic dropper function, each refill is enough for one full refill in your diffuser.

Refills Available in Scents:

  • Watermelon Fizz
  • Vanilla Coconut

Tip: If you are using a different fragrance to what you originally purchased your diffuser in, soak the diffuser bottle (minus the wooden lid) in warm water with some White Vinegar before refilling. 

Made with VOC & CARB Compliant Diffuser Base & Fragrance Oils.