Jumbo Coconut Bowls
Jumbo Coconut Bowls
Jumbo Coconut Bowls
Jumbo Coconut Bowls
Jumbo Coconut Bowls
Coconut Bowls

Jumbo Coconut Bowls

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Start your life of low-tox living and clean eating with these eco friendly bowls. Made from actual Coconut shells these Jumbo coconut bowls are 30% bigger than your standard coconut bowls. Making them perfect for big bowls of salads and main meals. 
Handcrafted by local artisans from coconut shells that are originally discarded as waste. 
Every purchase of these bowls supports sustainability and helps our environment. 

  • Warm Hand Wash Only in Soapy Water. Do not Soak for long periods of time
  • Air Dry
  • Can be used to serve Warm and cold foods
  • Avoid extreme temperatures such as those found in Microwaves, Dishwashers & Fridges
  • Durable, naturally hardened to withstand little hands
  • Kid Friendly
  • Use FCO/MCT to rehydrate your bowl after a few washes

  • Can be used to store loose play parts also 

How the Coconut Bowls Journey Started

 In late 2015, Jake stood on a near empty beach in Bali watching a local man carve and polish souvenirs out of discarded coconut shells. Jake was inspired by the coconut shells, naturally shaped like a bowl, no plastic needed. 

Back in Bali and talking to the local artisan crafting the coconut shells, Jake asked if the same crafting technique could be applied to turn them into bowls that people could eat from? The answer was yes. Jake had 100 made, packed them into his surfboard bag and returned to Australia confident that his friends and family would like some “Coconut Bowls”.

 As Written by Coconut Bowls.