Refreshing Mask Spritz
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Refreshing Mask Spritz

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 While disposable masks are fairly easy to get a hold off now we really should try minimise how often we replace our mask 
Yes I know they say single use but did you know that these Single Use Face Masks have been estimated to take 450 years to breakdown 
In 2020 alone it has been estimated that 1.5 billion of these babies entered our oceans & mask wearing has only become more prominent since then so I hate to think what figures we will see in the future.

So in effort to lengthen the shelf life of my “single use” Mask I came up with this spray. Suitable for use on both Cloth & disposable Masks.
Containing Anti-bacterial Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Such as Tea Tree, Rosemary & soothing Wild Orange to help combat anxiety associated with Mask wearing 

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch Hazer Extract & Essential Oils Wild Orange, Rosemary, Tea Tree & Peppermint. Comes in a Travel size 30ml Bottle.

Directions: Refreshen & Spray on mask between uses to prolong life of mask, enhance mask protection & ease anxiety caused by mask wearing 

 This Product doesn't contain Photosensitive Essential oils, no precautions involving direct sunlight need to be taken after use. 

Safe for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mummas.

Caution: Please keep out of reach of Children, avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas.

Please Note: I am not a medical practitioner, Please seek advice from your general practitioner before use. For our Skincare/Bath products we recommend doing a patch test before commencing use.