Toothbrush Travel Holders
Toothbrush Travel Holders
Toothbrush Travel Holders
Go For Zero

Toothbrush Travel Holders

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These Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case are a compostable & eco-friendly option to carry your toothbrush and protect it from bacteria and outside elements whilst travelling. It has a hole at the base so your toothbrush can still dry when closed.

The Bamboo Power. Bamboo is:

  • the fastest growing plant in the world (some species grow more than three feet each day)
  • is stronger, lighter, more durable and water resistant than wood alternatives
  • is naturally biodegradable (and eco-friendly)
  • does not require any pesticides or herbicides
  • uses less water and produces 35x more oxygen
  • regrows after harvesting
  • is naturally anti-bacterial
  • has a smaller carbon footprint than cutting wood

*Available in  20 cm length (Suitable for adult toothbrushes) & in 16cm length (suitable for children's toothbrushes)

Designed and Owned, with♡, in Australia. Made responsibly in China.

Photos & Description Adapted from Go For Zero