Water Crystals
Water Crystals
Water Crystals
The Saltwater Collective

Water Crystals

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Clear Water Crystals

and just like our vanishing water marbles, these crystals disappear!

Just submerge them in water and MAGIC!!

* PLEASE NOTE Images with blue crystals were created by mixing water with a few drops of food dye before adding it to the dry crystals

Get your sensory on with these incredible, slippery, squishy & super fun water crystals!

Just Add Water!

Each jar comes with 15g of water crystals. Just add 1.5 litre of water to make around 7 cups or crystals.


These water crystals are non-toxic and biodegradable. Just throw them in your garden when you are finished with them.

Please do not put down the sink or the toilet!

Not for children who are 3 or under or any child likely to put things in their mouths

Store activated and non-activated water crystals away from children and in a dry place.

Description & Photos provided by The Saltwater Collective