Wheat Bags - Insert Only
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Wheat Bags - Insert Only

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Please Note this listing is for the Calico Insert Only

There is nothing more cozy and inviting than a nice warm wheat bag at the end of the day. The smell alone has a relaxing effect on me.

To bring you this amazing product I joined forces with beautiful Shara from Tinka's Handmade, Shara has created the Covers, available in 3 beautiful Spring Colours along with a calico insert for me to fill and sew up. 

This allows the covers to be washed and reused as many times as you like, making them a more sustainable option compared to other brands of Wheat Bags where you have to throw the whole wheat bag out once they start to smell a bit funny. And on the note of smell, we have infused the filling of Rice & Flaxseed with the choice of two Liam Blend's Blends, 

- Lullaby: For Sleep & Relaxation

- Workout Blend: To soothe sore, aching muscles and treat minor injuries.

You also have the option of grabbing both inserts separately and you can swap them round with the same cover as you please here , covering all your needs.

Care Instructions:

- Do not place Wheat Bag cover in the microwave at any time

- Wheat Bag Cover can be washed on a gentle Machine wash cycle in a separate delicates washing bag or by Hand Wash only. We recommend the water temperature remains below 30 degrees Celsius to avoid colour running or fading. 

- Please note some Flaxseeds/Rice may leak from inserts. Please keep inserts out of reach from children & babies. 

- We recommend removing the Wheat Bag from your child's bed before placing your child in bed as per safe sleep guidelines