Wheat Bags - Insert Only
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Wheat Bags - Insert Only

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Please Note this listing is for the Calico Insert Only

There is nothing more cozy and inviting than a nice warm wheat bag at the end of the day. The smell alone has a relaxing effect on me.

To bring you this amazing product I joined forces with beautiful Shara from Tinka's Handmade, Shara has created the Covers, available in 4 beautiful Winter Colours along with a calico insert for me to fill and sew up by my Mumma. 

This allows the covers to be washed and reused as many times as you like, making them a more sustainable option compared to other brands of Wheat Bags where you have to throw the whole wheat bag out once they start to smell a bit funny. And on the note of smell, we have infused the filling of Rice & Flaxseed with the choice of two Liam Blend's Blends, 

- Lullaby: For Sleep & Relaxation

- Workout Blend: To soothe sore, aching muscles and treat minor injuries.

- Respire Blend: To clear chesty coughs & congestion associated with flus & colds. 

You also have the option of grabbing all inserts separately and you can swap them round with the same cover as you please here , covering all your needs.

Care Instructions:

- Do not place Wheat Bag cover in the microwave at any time

- Wheat Bag Cover can be washed on a gentle Machine wash cycle in a separate delicates washing bag or by Hand Wash only. We recommend the water temperature remains below 30 degrees Celsius to avoid colour running or fading. 

- Please note some Flaxseeds/Rice may leak from inserts. Please keep inserts out of reach from children & babies. 

- We recommend removing the Wheat Bag from your child's bed before placing your child in bed as per safe sleep guidelines